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Community Dialogue


One of the DFFC initiatives is the DFFC Barbershop/Hair Salon Community Dialogue. This open dialogue creates an ongoing conversation with those in the community to discuss the needs of fathers and mothers parenting children. This is a cross-training opportunity for the community to initiate and increase awareness. There is a need for fathers, mothers, and children to be healthy and safe. We believe a father’s voice and his involvement is needed in his child’s life as well as within the community. The barbershop/ hair salon community dialogues is one of the many venues that DFFC members/ambassadors are using to create a dialogue wherever they find a listening audience.


The Delaware Fatherhood & Family Coalition (DFFC) held its first Barbershop/Salon Community Dialogue which was conducted on June 15, 2013 at two different locations. The conversation began at 9:30 am held at Divine Profiles and the second at Homme Gentlemen’s Barbershop in Wilmington, DE. Thirty five people participated in these conversations with additional persons coming in and out of the shops and participating while present. Divine Profiles owner Mr. James Victor Gibson, Homme and Babes Styling Salon owner Mr. Ebon Flagg, and Homme Head Barber Darnell Wood facilitated the community dialogue as DFFC Ambassadors. The DFFC Training Team members present to provide support were Training Director Mr. Darrell V. Freeman, M.A., Ms. Cassandra Codes-Johnson, and Mr. Weldon Spellman of the DFFC Training Development Group. A brief introduction of the Delaware Fatherhood & Family Coalition was conducted to provide a short summary of the history, purpose and mission of the coalition. The topic of this first DFFC Community Dialogue was “Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Father?” The DFFC Ambassadors were excellent at engaging and facilitating the discussion. The attendees became very involved when asked about parenting in relationship with communication and positive interactions.


  Community Dialogues are expanding in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties If you would like to host a community dialogue, please contact us at
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