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Parenting is continuously evolving with time and it has never been more clear than if we look at Generation Z and their core values. The strategies our parents used are no longer valid and parents need to get with the times and adopt a better approach to raising kids.

What’s the most fascinating, new area of fatherhood research?

For a research nerd like me, it’s the biological connection between dads and their children. I’m not talking about the DNA dads contribute to their offspring.

Indifferent. Working. Absent. Stereotypes of fathers as disengaged and unloving are common, and generally underscored with longstanding cultural images of dads as incompetent in the role as parent.

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Recently, my husband and I had a talk with our teen boys about phones. There was too much mindless scrolling going on, and we had an idea. What if, we said, you plug your phones in downstairs, in the basement? And when you need them, you go downstairs, do what you need to do, come back.

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