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About Us

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The Delaware Fatherhood & Family Coalition (DFFC) is an extension of the Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program and the Responsible Fatherhood Initiative created specifically to give a voice to fathers and the importance of their involvement for the well-being of their children. The DFFC believes in the power of fatherhood and stable families where children’s safety is not at risk.

The DFFC is an Advocacy Coalition with a diverse and unified membership. The DFFC infrastructure was created to develop platforms to address social barriers and challenges that prevent fathers from being involved in raising their child(ren). The membership is made up of parents, community leaders, grass-root, service, state, interfaith and community-based organizations. The coalition connects multiple sectors of the community in a comprehensive approach, continuously develops partners, trains and educates to achieve real outcomes.

Our Mission

As a united change agent, we are committed to building a sustainable community coalition that champions father involvement and supports healthy adult relationships, specifically effective co-parenting which in turn provides positive outcomes for Delaware children and communities.

Our Strategic Priorities

The DFFC has identified four key strategic priorities:

Increase community awareness of the importance of and commitment to father involvement in the lives of their children.

Stimulate a broad-based positive social movement to combat father absence and promote father involvement..

Provided fatherhood and healthy adult relationship educational opportunities and technical assistance to increase the capacity of the community to support father involvement.

Promote fatherhood and healthy adult relationship services and activities by DFFC members.


The DFFC builds upon the efforts of the community to increase community collaboration and strengthen resources which support the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children promotes effective co-parenting, and decreases the barriers that may challenge these efforts.


The DFFC envisions healthy and resilient Delaware children whose fathers are involved and whose parents effectively work together.
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